Politico ill-treating toll plaza employees

Bhinchar finally got his way and his convoy passed without paying toll.

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In yet another incident of VIP highhandedness, BJP MLA from Makrana Sriram Bhinchar got into an arguement with toll plaza employees over paying the toll on Saturday.

In a video posted on ANI Twitter handle, Bhinchar can be seen pushing them and finally gettijng his convoy passed without paying toll.

Here are the photos of incicent that highlight yet another instance of VIP highhandedness.

Stopped at toll plaza

Toll plaza employees first stop the convoy and demand toll.

Neta argues

Unwilling neta gets into an argument with them.

Arrogant Bhinchar pushes them

When they do not budge, he pushes them to let his convoy pass.

Neta gets his way

BJP MLA finally gets way and his convoy passes without paying toll.

(All images - ANI video screengrab)

Incidents of VVIP highhandedness are common in our country. Last year, the Devgiri Express train was delayed by almost an hour at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus after Shiv Sena legislator Hemant Patil was unhappy with the side berth allocated to him.

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