Police officials abducted by naxals found dead, revenge killing suspected

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New Delhi, July 15: The four police officials who were abducted by naxals at Chattisgarh on Monday have been found dead. The four police personnel were part of the anti naxal force and this killing is being viewed as revenge.

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The four police officials, Jaydev Yadav, Mangal Sodhi, Raju Tela and Rama Majji were abducted by naxals at the Bijapur district in Chattisgarh on Monday. Their bodies were found this morning.

4 policemen abducted by naxal found dead

The four officials in the ranks of assistant constables were abducted from a civilian bus on Monday. The bus was waylaid and the four were taken away by the naxals. There was no demand made by the naxals post the abduction.

The four followers:

The four officials were roped in to assist the Chattisgarh state police in anti naxal operations. They were given the role of followers during the operations.

Their job was related to following naxals, sympathizers and informers and tipping off the local police. However the naxals managed to abduct the four officials and killed them.

An officer at Chattisgarh informed OneIndia that these are nothing but revenge killings. The deceased officials had managed to get a lot of information as a result of which naxal operations had been weakened a great deal. The killings are a message to the police who have stepped up the heat on the naxals in Chattisgarh.

Looking at the abduction that took place on Monday, it was clear that the four officials were the targets of the naxals.

A bus with passengers was stopped by the naxals and they decided to take only the four officials along with them. After the abduction there were search operations that were conducted in the jungles. However there was no communication received and the operations did not yield any results.

Officials in Chattisgarh had first stated that the naxals wanted to carry out a general abduction. However investigations showed that they were particularly looking for the four officials only with an intent of sending a larger message to the police.

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