PM Narendra Modi's 9 unique formulas which he vowed to follow for Brand India

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New Delhi, May 27: "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet" -- Aristotle. Narendra Modi might be experiencing the same. From Gujarat Chief Minister to prime ministerial candidate of BJP to PM-designate to Prime Minister of India -- he completed a long journey in his political career. After a rigorous election campaign for eight long months, Modi finally received the results. He took over PM's office on Tuesday, May 27, just a day after his swearing-in at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

His very first message as the Prime Minister of India was -- On 16th May 2014 the people of India gave their verdict. They delivered a mandate for development, good governance and stability. As we devote ourselves to take India's development journey to newer heights, we seek your support, blessings and active participation.

Together we will script a glorious future for India. Let us together dream of a strong, developed and inclusive India that actively engages with the global community to strengthen the cause of world peace and development. 

Modi-led BJP created history in Indian politics as they won 282 seats on its own. Pushing Congress to corner, Modi's party along with its allies in NDA grabbed 336 out of 543 seats. The election results proved that majority of people in the country have seen a ray of hope in Modi who assured them of developed, corruption-free country.

During his 8-month-long campaigning, Modi vowed to follow several unique formulas which, according to him, would help to build the Brand India. Here are the list of Modi's unique formulas:

Narendra Modi's 5T formula

To build "brand India," Narendra Modi said, he would focus on 5-Ts - talent, tradition, tourism, trade and technology.

Narendra Modi's P2G2 formula

During his historic speech at SRCC, Modi unveiled his P2G2 formula, i.e. Pro-people, Good governance.

Narendra Modi's 3S formula

Urging youth to participate in India's electoral reform, Modi revealed his 3S formula --Speed, Skill and Scale.

He had said that this 3S formula would help to meet the aspirations of a developed India.


Modi's formula of non-violence, service to the poor

Modi had envisaged a return to India's ancient traditions of "non-violence as the topmost dharma", "all spiritual paths being treated equally", "service to the poor" and "treating women like Goddesses".

Narendra Modi's 5F formula

During one his election campaign rallies in Punjab, Modihad said that neither the jawan nor the kisan in India is happy and unveiled a 5F formula, i.e. Farm, Fibre, Fabric, Fashion and Foreign countries.

He claimed this 5F formula would help the cotton belt and said it would help change the farmers' lives and that their products will reach foreign soils earning them dividends.



One India, Excellent India

During one of his rallies, he asserted the mantra of "Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat (One India, Excellent India)" and added that Indians must move ahead with this mantra.

Narendra Modi's formula of 4P

'If we want to implement good governance, we must look to P4 - people private public partnership,' Modi has said. 'We need to move from PPP to PPPP, People Public Private Partnership,' he opined.

According to Modi, people should be kept in the loop by the government. 'People should get a chance to speak before a government decision is taken. This will make people feel like they have had a role to play. Wherever possible we should take the consent fo people. This will speed up the pace of development,' Modi said.

Put Life in a File: Modi

"We need to put 'life' in a 'file'. It isn't enough to put up facilities, it is equally important to improve the people's quality of life," said Modi during one of his rallies.

Minimum Government, Maximum Governance

Narendra Modi also asserted his formula of Minimum Government, Maximum Governance.

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