PM Modi to hold 3 day discussion with IB on ISIS threat

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New Delhi, Nov 24: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has continued to emphasise on the need to tackle terrorism with an iron fist and also points out the need for global cooperation on the subject.

The Prime Minister will be meeting with Intelligence Bureau officials in the month of December and during that three day meet, the top subject for discussion would be the ISIS.


While India has been working overtime to keep a check on ISIS related activities, it has now found the need to more global cooperation on the subject.

India is already in talks with Australia for real time information relating to the activities of jihadis on the web.

During the meet of the IB officials and the PM, discussions would be held on how to enhance further the global cooperation.

Real time information is a must:

IB officials say that the approach while tackling an organisation such as the ISIS must be extremely pro-active. There is no point in getting information after the crime is committed. The intelligence needs to be real time as the approach by India is to prevent rather than repent.

Modi during his visits abroad has made it a point to tell world leaders that India would need more cooperation in a bid to counter the threat of the ISIS.

While real time intelligence will help combat the menace of the ISIS to a large extent, India would also look for a better response from firms such as Google among others to provide faster information.

The Bengaluru police had said that they had requested Google for information on the emails of Mehdi Masroor Biswas alias Shammiwitness. However the request made in January 2015 has not seen the light of the day as yet.

It is not sufficient if only the security agencies of two countries agree to share inforamation with each other.

There is a constant need for email service providers and other social media companies to actively pitch in especially when a request is made by the police or the government.

More human intelligence:

When the PM meets with the IB officials the latter will bring up the subject of lack of man power. There has been a staff crunch in the intelligence agency and the vacancies ought to be filled up the IB would tell the PM.

The subject of also having more human spies will also be brought up.
The IB would quote the example of Britain which immediately upgraded its human spies capacity by 1,900 persons.

India would also require at least 1,500 more personnel to be part of the Intelligence Bureau.

This is a point we would want to take up with the Prime Minister, an IB official informed.

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