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Bangalore, Sept 19: As people bid aideu to Lord Ganpati in Mumbai, Mexico witnessed one of the worst storms that claimed 80 lives and displaced many.

While no politicians were arrested with respect to the Muzaffarnagar riots, clashes erupted in Giza, Egypt between the military and suspected militants.

If Indian wrestlers made it to the news so did the South Korean FC Seoul team who defeated Saudi Arabia in the AFC Champions League quaterfinal.

OneIndia brings news across the world in photos.

Twin hurricanes wreaked havoc in Mexico

Mexico witnessed one of the most destructive hurricanes that left 80 dead and many stranded. The two hurricanes struck within 24 hours.

Clashes erupt in Egypt

Clashes erupted in Egypt between security forces and suspected militants.  Egyptian security forces backed by armored vehicles and military helicopters  laid a siege on an Islamists' stronghold near Giza Pyramids and exchanged fire with what official news agency identified as "terrorist and criminal elements."

6 killed in bus train collision

Atleast six people were killed when a double decker bus and a train collided in Ottawa, Canada. The bus drove through a railway crossing when the train collided with it.

Assad denies all allegations

Syrian President Bashad Assad denied all allegations made against him and his govt over the use of chemical weapons in Syria, after a UN report confirmed that chemical weapons were used in Syria.

FC Seoul defeats Saudi Arabia's Al Ahil

FC Seoul's Adilson Dos Santos fights for the ball against Al Ahli's Ali Alzubaidi during their AFC Champions League quarterfinal at Seoul World Cup stadium in Seoul, South Korea. South Korea's FC Seoul defeated Saudi Arabia's Al Ahli with 1-0.

Jamaat-e-islami workers protest in Dhaka

Jamaat-e-islami party workers clash with police in Dhaka, amidst a nationwide strike against a court ruling where one of the opposition party's leaders should be executed for war crimes.

NASA tests rocket Antares

The Orbital Sciences Corp Antares rocket lifted off the launchpad at the NASA Wallops Island test flight facility in Wallops Island. The unmanned Antares rocket will carry 1,300 pounds of food, clothes and other items as part of this test flight to the International Space Station.

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