Phailin calamity: Naveen Patnaik assures speedy rehabilitation (pics)

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Bhubaneshwar, Oct 16:Chief Minister of Odisha-Naveen Pattnaik-has assured the Phailin victims of "active rehabilitation", admitting that it may take a lot od resources and time.

"Rehabilitation was the biggest challenge before the state government in the wake of cyclone Phailin even though we have been successful in minimising the loss of lives due to the tropical storm. Property worth several crores of rupees has been destroyed. I will see to it that the people are actively rehabilitated," he said.

The Phailin cyclone hit Gopalpur, the east coast of Odisha, on Saturday night, causing heavy rains and strong winds of 200 kilometer per hour. As compared to the intensity of the cyclone, the loss of lives has been accounted to seven. Crediting the government officials for their pro-activeness in timely evacuation operations, the chief minister also sought the support of media and other agencies. Meanwhile, he urged the displaced not to panic.

"We have successfully evacuated nine lakh people. This is one of the largest evacuation operations to have taken place in the country," said Patnaik.

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Facing difficulties

Men wading through the flooded streets of Gopalpur.

The wreck

As Phailin hits Odisha at the speed of 200 km/hr, officials say that loss of property amounts to crores.

Wading through the flooded river

Villagers cross the overflooded river.

Is there any hope?

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik says yes, although it may take some time and a lot of resources to set things right.

The city of flood

The streets of Balasore are evident of the calamity that has hit the state.

The flooded streets of Odisha

People wade through the water for their livelihood. Things are yet to be set to normal.

Hell's calling

The wreckage and the utter scene of devastation is evident on the streets.

Collecting the belongings

People trying to get back to their normal self.

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