Dirty Pics: Modern Mahamana Express 'insulted' by passengers; 'failed' Swachh Bharat

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Varanasi, Feb 2: It has been just ten days when Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off Mahamana Express-- a mega luxurious train connecting Varanasi and Delhi, on Friday, Jan 22.

The train's interiors and facilities were class apart and people were glad to see such a modern transformation in Indian railways. Bud sadly, within a week, the condition of brand new train has turned into a stinky place, as dirty water is lying in wash basins.

Newspapers and other trash like groundnut shells, food wrappers, empty bottles is scattered everywhere inside the newly-launched train.

At the same time, such kind of pathetic condition also shows how effectively "Swachh Bharat" (Clean India) initiative is being implemented by the Indian citizens. [In Pics: PM Modi launches Mahamana Express studded with super facilities]

Even the railway authorities could not mete out a proper treatment and maintenance, that it deserves.

Passengers should keep their conduct the same way as they like to stay in their clean homes, even when they are travelling. If public transport gets a treatment as a private property, then hopefully, the condition will be better.

The day Mahamana Express was flagged off, many people started making plans to visit Delhi to Varanasi, just for the sake of experiencing a 14-hour journey in a luxurious train, but after having a look at these pics, you will hardly find any difference between local trains and this advanced-technology driven train:

Have a look at dirty pics of Mahaman Express:

Before & After (within a week!)

The train that was supposed to bring a sea change in the train travel experience, has been reduced to shambles.

Dirty Pics: Modern Mahamana Express 'insulted' by passengers

These pics prove that Indians can never change, when it comes to maintaining cleanliness at public places.

Dirt, dirt everywhere!

Railway authorties, are you watching these terrible pics? Please take a swift action to keep it clean.

Dirty Pics: Modern Mahamana Express 'insulted' by passengers

The train became formally operational from January 25, thrice a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It leaves Varanasi for Delhi at 6.35 pm and reaches Delhi at 8.25 am, the next day.

Dirty Pics: Modern Mahamana Express 'insulted' by passengers

"Mahamana Express trashing incident is very disheartening - Our people need better civic behaviour", someone tweeted.

Dirty Pics: Modern Mahamana Express 'insulted' by passengers

This is why we do not deserve good things! This is how commuters have left one-week-old Mahamana Express in absolute mess.

Dirty Pics: Modern Mahamana Express 'insulted' by passengers

"DISGUSTING. This is what the passengers have done to Mahamana Express. Such a shame!", one of a Twitter reaction!

These pics have gone viral on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, where people are lamenting over shocking pics.

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