Kargil Special: The Pakistani intruders stayed in underground bunkers

Written by: Richa Bajpai
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New Delhi, July 25:The photo gallery below will tell you how Pakistani infiltrators geared themselves to wage a war against the Indians in their own land. They infiltrated dressed as civilians and built several underground bunkers on Tiger Hill, Hamotigla, top, Tololing and other hills.

Made of iron, these bunkers are not affected by bullets. Interestingly, they are deeper underground, capable of accomodating a full batallion. Sources reveal that the Pakistanis dug holes in the hills to build these bunkers.

India became victorious in the Kargil war on July 26, 1999.

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The Pakistani bunker at Tololing top

This is the bunker that was made at the Tololing top.



Sentry post, which belongs to India now

This sentry post by the Pakistani infiltrators was captured by the Indian Defence forces who targetted it from the Tiger Hill. One can still see the bullet marks on the post.

The Pakistani militants showered bullets at the Indian army taking the shelter of this post.

Target, aim, fire

A very important post for the Indian army, this is where they had established an operations post. 13,000 feet above the sea level, the Army was given instructions here as to how the combat the militants.  

Once occupied by the Pakistani infiltrators

This was the hill, which was occupied by the Pakistani militants.

The path to Kargil

This is the road that the infiltrators took to enter Kargil.

The hill which was occupied by the Pakistanis

The Tololong hill was occupied by the Pakistanis.

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