Pathankot attack: Interpol black notice against dead terrorists

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New Delhi, March 22: After releasing the photographs of the four terrorists who carried out an attack on the Pathankot air force station, the National Investigation Agency or the NIA has approached the Interpol to issue a black notice.

The black notice request has been made since the identity of two of the bodies is still unknown.
The NIA had released the photographs of four persons (Are these the terrorists who attacked Pathankot air base?) yesterday and even announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for any information on these men.

Interpol black notice against terrorists

The NIA says that two of the four persons have been identified as Nasir and Salim. As per the investigations, it was Nasir who had snatched the phone from the Gurdaspur Superintendent of Police, Salwinder Singh after entering India.

He had made a phone call to his mother from the cell phone.

What is a Black Notice?

Also known as a D series notice, the black notice is issued by the Interpol to circulate information about unidentified dead bodies or deceased persons who were probably using false identities.

A request for publication of a 'D' series notice must be accompanied by three copies of photographs of the entire body, and if possible, the fingerprints.

It should also contain the date, place and circumstances of the recovery of the body; detailed descriptions of distinguishing features such as tattoos, scars, condition of teeth (with a dental chart, if possible), clothes and objects worn or carried by the victim, giving details of labels or trademarks, if any.

If the deceased person is identified or if the identification is no longer necessary, cancellation of the notice should be requested.

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