Pathankot attack: Evidence vanishing in Pak as NIA waits to visit

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New Delhi, May 3: Even as the National Investigation Agency awaits a formal response to visit Pakistan in connection with the Pathankot probe, it appears that a lot of evidence is being wiped out.

Several operatives have already been shifted out of the country and probably to Afghanistan, an intelligence bureau official informed OneIndia.

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Pathankot: Evidence vanishing in Pak

Pakistan has been taking its time in granting a date to the NIA which intends visiting the country to probe the Pathankot attack. The Intelligence Bureau official says that even if Pakistan gives the NIA a date, there may be very little for them to probe as the ISI is known to clear out evidence.

Eradicating evidence

The officer also said that the make shift bases and the operational centre which was used by the Jaish-e-Mohammad to launch and coordinate the Pathankot attack may have already been destroyed. Further the NIA has got a list of names who they would like to probe in connection with this case.

Even during the 26/11 attack, the ISI did all it could to wipe out a trail that would lead up to Ajmal Kasab. In the Pathankot attack too, the ISI has shifted out at least four key operatives out of their bases. Most of them could have been shifted to Afghanistan where the Jaish-e-Mohammad does have a safe house.

The IB also says that a training facility at Bhawalpur has also been relocated at the behest of the ISI. Until the NIA's visit if complete, the ISI has ordered the Jaish-e-Mohammad to lay low.

There would be no training or other activity by the Jaish-e-Mohammad until the NIA completes its visit, the ISI has ordered the outfit.

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