Pathankot: 2 numbers that link attack to Pakistan and they are already out of service

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New Delhi, Jan 8: India was quick to provide the two numbers that the terrorists had called on prior to launching the Pathankot attack. The National Investigating Agency which is probing the case is analysing the two numbers that the terrorists had called in Pakistan prior to the attack on January 2.

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The numbers 92-3017775253 and 92 3000597212 are obviously switched off now, but NIA officials say that they expect Pakistan to investigate and track down these two numbers. The two numbers which India hopes Pakistan will trace belong to the handlers and the mother of one of the terrorists.

Pak connection of Pathankot attack!

An NIA official informed OneIndia this is one of the many links that they have found linking the attack to Pakistan. We had found a number during our investigations into the Udhampur terror strike as well. However it remained switched for a very brief time after the attack. Today that number is non-existent.

These numbers too would be wiped out:

While Pakistan has assured that it would probe the allegations levelled by India in connection with the Pathankot attack, NIA officials say that they do not expect that these numbers would even exist after sometime. They have already been turned off and at times we get the message of the number not being in existence.

The analysis of the call records show that the terrorists had made a call to the number 92-3017775253. This was the mother's number of one of the terrorists.

The other number which the NIA has belonged to one of the handlers. There was a call made to that number as the terrorists entered into India and the records would show that they were intimating their handlers apart from taking instructions.

Ball in Pakistan's court?
Pakistan which has assured of all help in the Pathankot probe has been provided with plenty of evidence linking the attack to their country. There are medicines which the terrorists had carried with them which have a Pakistan marking on it. Further there are GPS coordinates suggesting the route the terrorists took from Pakistan to India.

It is clear through the GPS coordinates that the terrorists had made their dissent into India from possibly Bhawalpur in Pakistan which is the headquarters of the Jaish-e-Mohammad.

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India has also informed Pakistan about the statements made by the abducted Superintendent of Police, Salwinder Singh. Going by his statements, it becomes clear that the terrorists were from Pakistan. The other strong indication of a Pakistan link is the statement by Rajesh Verma, the friend of the SP who was also present in the car when the terrorists hijacked it.

Verma has made it clear that after letting the SP and his cook Mohan get off the car, the terrorists drover around for sometime. They asked for details of the Amritsar airport and during a conversation made on the mobile phone of the SP which they had stolen, they constantly used the word air force. Further Verma also said that they were looking into a mapping device and were waiting for a blue line which indicated that they were close to their target.

The call records of the slain taxi driver Ikagar Singh is also given as proof. There was a call that was made to his number from Pakistan. He had rushed out of his house following this call. However he was slain later allegedly by the same group of terrorists. It was found that his mobile was used by the terrorists to repeatedly give missed calls to Pakistan in a bid to use it as a diversionary tactic.

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