Panneerselvam refuses to budge on demands, talks hit rough patch

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The talks to merge two warring factions of the AIADMK has already hit a rought patch with Panneerselvam refusing to compromise on any of his pre-conditions. Adamant on Sasikala and Dinakaran's ouster, Panneerselvam seems to have made it clear that any talk of reconciliation will be held only after his pre-conditions are accepted by the Edappadi Palanisami camp. Panneerselvam's stringent demands have dissapointed many in the AIADMK Amma camp.


Both factions have put forward their demands for negotiations and the committee set up by the Edappadi Palanisami camp hopes to bring leaders of both parties to the table to discuss the merger. However, with Panneerselvam camp refusing to initiate dialogue before their pre-conditions are accepted has come as a road block. While Edappadi Palanisami had invited all MLAs of AIADMK to Chennai to discuss on the next course of action, the camp is waiting for Panneerselvam and his set of leaders to come to the discussion table.

Meanwhile, the split within the AIADMK Amma camp became public on Tuesday with MLA Vetrivel accusing ministers of calling the shots without authorisation. Speaking to the media, the AIADMK MLA said that Sasikala Natarajan and Dinakaran have to continue in the party posts. "Why should they resign? They are our leaders. Who authorised the meeting of ministers on Monday? Ministers are taking decisions without consulting Dinakaran and it is unacceptable. Why authorised Jayakumar to speak to the media on Monday?" asked the MLA.

MLA Vetrivel's outburst only proved that media reports of a split in AIADMK Amma were right. TTV Dinakaran was facing a rebellion within his camp and the talks of merger with Panneerselvam was a result of that very revolt. While both parties have made it clear that merger is on their mind, the ego tussle and the refusal to back down on the demands are proving to be a challenge for dialogues.

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