Pakistani posts that help infiltrators will be hit by India

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While India has rightly decided to take the diplomatic route to put pressure on Pakistan in the aftermath of the Uri attack, there are several other options that are being explored. The infiltrations have to drop to zero, military commanders said during the discussions on Monday.

While there is growing pressure on the Narendra Modi government to hit Pakistan hard, the army feels that a knee jerk reaction would do more harm than good. There has to be specific intelligence regarding jihadi factories across the border so that a hit can be carried out. The army says that such an operation should not end up in the loss of civilian lives.

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Infiltrations have to stop: officials

Targeting posts that aid infiltrations

Among the various options that were discussed, one was to target specific posts across the border which help infiltrations. Officials say that in the wake of the Kashmir unrest, infiltrations have gone up. Officials have said that there are specific posts set up by the Pakistan army which help in infiltrations and targeting those would be an option.

Such action cannot be carried out overnight, said a senior official part of the deliberations. There is a great deal of anxiety among the people who want immediate action.

While we do understand those sentiments, we also want to ensure that whatever action is taken will bear the right results. Carrying out a strike and killing civilians in the bargain is not what India wants, the officer also noted.

The army and the intelligence will also work towards curbing the infiltrations. More importantly flushing out those militants who have already infiltrated is the top priority now.

In addition to this a strategy to bring the Valley back to normal was also discussed. Both a political and security strategy to ensure that the unrest comes to an end was also discussed at the meeting.

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