Pakistan's drone lies: Made in China highway patrol equipment shot down

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New Delhi, July 16: Pakistan has raised an unwanted issue with regard to the shooting down of the drone. It claimed that it shot down a drone which belonged to India, a charge that has been denied.

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Indian Intelligence Bureau officials say that this drone in fact belonged to the Pakistan police. This was a drone which was being used by the traffic police in Paksitan to monitor the traffic.


Why is Pakistan lying?

This is yet another classic case of the army interfering in the talks between India and Pakistan. The Pakistani army has always been the first to retailiate against India the moment the the leaders of the two nations even decide to begin a peace process.

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Indian agencies say that this is a drone that belonged to the Punjab (Pakistan) police. They were using it for highway patrol and a lack of communication led to the shooting down of the drone. However Pakistan used the issue to justify its act along the India-Pakistan border.

Pakistan's army has directed its proxies to step up operations along the Indo-Pak border. There have been several violations ever since the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan met recently and decided to extend the peace talks.

A distraction:

Pakistan has decided to use this drone issue as a distraction. This was a drone that the Punjab (Pakistan) police sourced to monitor the traffic on the highway. It was a Made in China drone and India does not use this model, a source informed OneIndia.

This is a DJI Phantom 3 and India does not have any of these, an officer also informed. India does not source these drones, the officer further added.
This issue has blown into a full blown diplomatic tussle between the two countries. Pakistan is hell bent on showing India in poor light. This is nothing but a distraction from the real issue of cross border violations, an IB official further informed.

Pressure from the proxies:

Paksitan's government is caught between the devil and the deep sea. On one hand Pakistan's Prime Minister has been attempting to strike peace with India. However the army is not prepared to tow this line. The battle in Kashmir is a money spinner for the Paksitan army and officers are paid twice their salary when they work in PoK.

Following the attempt made by the Pakistan Prime Minister to strike peace with India, there has been instances of fresh aggression by the Pakistan army. The message is more towards the Paksitan Prime Minister and this is a warning signal not to talk to India.

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