Pak boat: Govt orders probe into DIG Loshali's statement

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The government of India has ordered an inquiry against Coast Guard DIG B K Loshali after he said that he was the one who ordered shooting down the Pakistan boat.

Loshali had said that he had ordered the Pakistani boat of terror to be shot down. His claims ran contrary to the one made by the Defence Ministry which had said that the inmates of the boat had blown the boat up after being intercepted.

Govt orders probe into DIG's statement

The government of India is looking into the matter very seriously and says that the Coast Guard officer could also face disciplinary action.

Govt taking issue seriously

The Government of India says it is taking such matters very seriously. Such statements cannot be issued. Although Loshali clarified that he had been quoted out of context, there was a video that ascertained that he had infact made a statement reversing the defence ministry's claim.

The incident had raised many questions with several persons questioning the authenticity of the operation. We have gathered all data and come to a conclusion, an official in the government informed.

The official also said that Loshali will be asked to explain his stand. If he is found guilty of making such a statement he could face disciplinary action the official also stated.

Defence Minister Parrikar clarifies

Defence Minister had earlier during the day rubbished the claim made by Loshali. The minister said that there is no change of stance by the government and they maintain that the inmates had blown the boat up due to fear of being caught.

The Defence Minister's statement came an hour after the Coast Guard too read out a written clarification by Loshali in which he had said he had been quoted out of context. He said he did not shooting down of the boat.

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