Pak boat: Did 2 more go off the radar?

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‎Bengaluru, Apr 21: The boat from Pakistan that was intercepted with heroin on it is an indicator of an ongoing operation. When the hunt for the boat began on Saturday night, the Indian navy was on the look out for two more boats.

However, the Navy zeroed down on one boat which was found with 232 kilograms of heroin on it being transported by 8 persons from Pakistan. [Pakistan boat intercepted off Gujarat coast]

pak boat

When the first boat was intercepted on the night of December 31, 2014, sources had told oneindia that this was part of an ongoing operation from Pakistan. [232 packets of narcotic worth Rs 600 crore seized from Pakistan boat]

Back up boats from Pakistan:

While prima facie any angle of terror has been ruled, investigators are looking at every angle possible. A connection between the December 31 2014 incident and the present one is also being explored.


The navy had information of two other boats. However those boats did not come under the radar. Investigators say that it could have been a back up boat too. 

In such operations where a huge contraband of drugs are being smuggled, back up boats are normally sent as escorts, sources say.

Pakistan will make more attempts:

Intelligence Bureau officials say that Pakistan will make several more attempts to send in such boats. There would be infiltration attempts but more importantly the Gujarat coast happens to be their best route.

The investigators would also explore various other possibilities behind this incident. For now, it is a clear case of drug smuggling as none would risk losing such a huge contraband of drugs only with an intention of testing the waters, investigators point out.

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