Pak boat: 90 per cent of drugs moved through the seas today

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Bengaluru, April 28: Investigations being conducted following the interception of the heroin laden boat from Pakistan has revealed that 90 per cent of the drugs are being moved through the seas.

After the land border security was stepped up, drug smugglers operating in the Karachi market decided to use the sea route to move the contraband. In the instant case it was found that the deal was being struck directly between the drug smugglers in Karachi and Thailand. [Pak boat intercept: "Drop arms, stay still"]


The NTRO intercepts

The NTRO intercepts that were picked up during the operation suggest that the contraband on the boat was headed to Thailand. A boat was meant to come in from Thailand and the drugs moved into it. [Pak boat: Did 2 more go off the radar?]

However due to the boat from Karachi being intercepted, the operatives from Thailand did not make any move. Moreover the back up boat from Karachi too was advised to return to Pakistan waters by their handlers sitting in Karachi.

Investigations have also revealed that the contraband was meant to be circulated in the European market. There is nothing to show as of now that the drugs were meant for the Indian market. This was a huge contraband which was meant to find its way into Europe through Thailand, investigators have learnt.

The local links

So far the investigators have not found any local links behind this operation. It appears to be a direct deal between Karachi and Thailand. [Pakistan boat was carrying nearly 100 kgs of heroine]

There is nothing as of now to show that the drugs would be offloaded in India and no Indian operative especially from the underworld appeared to be involved.

However the Maharashtra police say that they suspect that some members of the underworld from their state could be involved. They would seek the custody of the 8 men present on the boat who were arrested by the Indian navy and coast guard for interrogation. We want to be sure the officer from the Maharashtra police informed OneIndia.

The D Connection

A large part of the drug racket that emerges out of Pakistan is controlled by the D Gang in Karachi. He sources the drugs out of Afghanistan which is the highest producer of heroin in the world.

In Thailand the D gang has a dedicated route which ensures that the heroin is pushed into the European market. Thailand also houses one of Dawood Ibrahim's biggest dens. The Thailand Pakistan link is a clear cut one.

Thailand always picks up 99 per cent of the drugs that comes from Pakistan and circulates it to the rest of the world. On the other hand, the arms that come into Thailand are routed into Pakistan.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that in the international deals, Dawood has been careful off late to use his Indian contacts. The heat on him is extremely high as of now and he would not want any trail leading up to his location as of now, although everyone knows he is in Karachi.

His local drug contacts are peddling in smaller amounts these days. The biggest focus continues to be on the European markets where there is a very high demand for heroin. The operation which the Indian Navy and Coast Guard busted was very much part of the same gang which operates between Karachi and Thailand.

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