Pak Army fooled Mujahideens for waging proxy war in Kashmir: Pak Taliban

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Islamabad, Dec 31: Days after attacking the Army school at Peshawar, in which more than 140 people mainly students were killed, to avenge the killing of its men by Pakistani Army, Pakistan Taliban has said country's Army 'fooled Mujahideen youth for so-called freedom in Kashmir'.

Taliban attack on Army school in Peshawar. (File Photo)
A new video released by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has accused the Pakistani Army of attacking the 'Mujahideens' even after using them for "blood game" and "proxy war" in Jammu and Kashmir in the name of "so-called freedom" and in Afghanistan.

The video purportedly of its senior Commander Adnan Rashid, a former Pakistan Air Force official who was involved in an attack on ex-dictator Gen Pervez Musharraf, calls upon the soldiers of Pakistani Army to join the TTP listing the atrocities committed by the force including "killing of millions" and "raping of own sisters" during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

In his little over 15-minute long video released before Christmas, Rashid accuses Pakistan Army officers, the "Brahmins" of the force, of treating their juniors as "Shudras". Rashid, in what appears to be British-accented English, says in the video released by TTP's media wing 'Umar Media' that, "you may remember when people from tribal areas fought for you the war of 1948 and liberated for you the Azad Jammu and Kashmir".

Mistakenly identifying the 1971 war as the Indo-Pak war in 1965, Rashid who had escaped from Pakistani jail in 2012, says, "I hope you remember when you lost half of the country to India...this nation said to you welcome home and deliberately forgot your war crimes.

"You remember when thousands of Pakistani youth fought your proxy war in Afghanistan and in Indian Kashmir...." He then asks what the Pakistani Army has given in return and cites numerous examples of "ungratefulness" including kiling of "thousands of your Baloch brothers".

"And then you went into the dollar game and you earned millions from the proxy war in Afghanistan and you deceived the nation in the name of jihad. The Muslims have not forgotten the blood game you played in Indian Kashmir exploiting youth in the name of so called freedom," he said.

He accused the Pakistani Army of taking a "U-turn" and labelling jihad as terrorism and mujahideens as terrorists. Mocking the soldiers of the Pakistani Army as the "most foolish creature", Rashid asked them not to obey the orders of the "generals and the air marshals". He also announced a "general amnesty" for all those Pakistani soldiers wanting to join the TTP.

(With inputs from PTI)
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