OROP: Veterans intensify stir with warning

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New Delhi, Aug 30: The military veterans have knocked on the doors of the President of India even as the stalemate regarding the One Rank One Pension continues.

"Your government will be solely responsible if anything were to happen to the fasting veterans", the letter to the President of India states.

OROP Protest

77 days into their protest, the veterans have told the President that instructions ought to be given to the Government to implement the OROP as per the letter dated Feb, 26 2014.

The letter clearly states that OROP stands approved by the UPA and the NDA.

No respite in sight:

For the military veterans there is no respite in sight as their protests entered into the 77th day today. The veterans are asking despite the letter of Febraury 26th 2014 why has OROP not been implemented as yet. The reason is best known to your government, the veterans have stated.

There have been a series of talks that have been held on this issue at the highest level, but the stumbling block has been the pension equalization. While the veterans say that pension equalization should be done every two years, the government has maintained that it shall be done every five years.

Why is the government delaying OROP?

The veterans want to know from the President of India as to why the implementation of OROP is being delayed. We only get to hear from the government that Good News is on its way, but in reality there has been none. Why is the government constantly shifting position, the veterans also seek to know.

The government however wants the pension equalization issue sorted out. Moreover, it also does not want to open up a Pandora's box as it believes that if this issue is not handled carefully then others too may start demanding the same thus burdening the exchequer.

Condition unstable:

The veterans also brought to the notice of the President that four veterans on a hunger strike have already been hospitalized. They quoted the four cases in which veterans have been rushed to hospital due to failing health. The doctors have said that the condition of these veterans is deteriorating.

The veterans urged the president to intervene in the matter and advise the government to take a call on OROP as soon as possible. The veterans in their letter say that if there is any mishap during the protests, then the government of India will solely be responsible for the same.

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