OROP: Now veterans are divided

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New Delhi, Sept 5: As the government of India decides to announce One Rank One Pension (OROP), there is a division of opinion among the military veterans. While one section of the veterans want to call off the protests, the other is opposed the government's proposal which suggests an equalization clause of 5 years.

The military veterans have been demanding an equalization clause of one year.

OROP: Now veterans are divided

Some of the military veterans want to agree with the government and also have also said that there is a provision to set up a one man commission which will study the anomaly. However there are some who continue to be opposed to the government's proposal and say that the five year equalization clause is just not acceptable to them.

They feel that they should continue with the protest until all demands are met and the momentum should not be broken.
The government is expected to announce One Rank One Pension today. The government hopes that the agitating veterans will call off their protests which has run into nearly 87 days now.

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The government even has a draft agreement ready which is expected to be made public in a short while from now. However this announcement is tentative.

According to the government's draft agreement, the base year for the implementation of One Rank One Pension will be the year 2013 and the equalization would be every five years.

The arrears would be paid to the beneficiaries on a half yearly basis. The centre would also set up a judicial commission to study any anomaly. The one-man commission will submit a report to the government within six months of its constitution.

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