Onion price hike: Ministries sit on IB warning

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Onion: Ministries ignore IB warning
New Delhi, Oct 24: The hike in Onion prices had been forecasted by the Intelligence Bureau 2 months back, but sources say that ministries were sitting over the information.

IB monitors the food prices across the country throughout the year and noticed possibilities of a spike in the prices, following which it informed all the relevant ministries about it. But, the latter sat on the entire issue.

As per a Mid Day report, the IB had informed the prime minister, the finance minister, and the home minister about the escalating prices of Onions.

The IB had further mentioned hoarding as the possible reason behind the price rise in the six states of northern India. Meanwhile, Sharad Pawar echoed the same idea, asking the governments to curb hoarding. He also encouraged the chief ministers of all states to invoke the Essential Commodities Act against hoarders.

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