Beware: Ola Cabs user database hacked? Company says NO

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New Delhi, June 8: TeamUnknown, an anonymous hacker, on Sunday, June 7 claimed to have hacked Ola Cabs. According to the hacker, it has hacked all user database of Ola Cabs.

Posting on Reddit, the anonymous hacker described the moment as "winning a lottery". It has also mentioned that a mail has been sent to Ola Cabs as the hacker wanted to show the "weakness" of the company.

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The anonymous hacker also claimed that Ola Cabs has not responded to their mails.

TeamUnknown, while posting the news on Reddit, included the snapshots which showed the results of a database query that includes a lot of names that appear to be related to Ola Cabs, media reports claimed.

There is no further explanation of the methods used, and the Reddit post only states that the hack "was a little tricky, and involved many steps to get to the database."

However, reacting to the Reddit post, Ola Cabs has issued an official statement, which says:

There has been no security lapse, whatsoever to any user data. The alleged hack seems to have been performed on a staging environment when exposed for one of our test runs.

The staging environment is on a completely different network compared to our production environment, and only has dummy user values exclusively used for internal testing purposes.

We confirm that there has been no attempt by the hackers to reach out to us in this regard. Security and privacy of customer data is paramount to us at Ola.

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