Obama visit- Modi will talk tough on Pakistan

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New Delhi, Jan 25: New Delhi expects a forthright dealing of the Pakistan issue from the United States of America. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not mince any words on this issue when he holds talks with President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

The US on the other hand will attempt to do the balancing act. In fact when Obama decided to visit India, he had even called Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and spelt out the reasons apart from telling him why he would not be visiting Pakistan this time.

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Nawaz Sharif

Straight talk by Modi:

India will raise the unprovoked retaliation card with the US. There is a lot on the table to discuss on this aspect, a senior diplomat in the Modi administration told OneIndia. While there are a host of other issues that would be on the table, the one about Pakistan will be crucial.

During the talks Modi would bring up the aid being provided to Pakistan to fight terror and how these funds are being diverted to sponsor terror activities against India. Further Modi would also tell the US president that the time has come to take down terrorists in Pakistan working against India.

There are enough and more rewards on the heads of terrorists, but they continue to roam scot free. The announcing of rewards or bounties has done no good or has not changed anything as they continue to wander around freely and carry out their activities.

Modi would also discuss with Obama to impress upon Pakistan to take its eyes off Kashmir and instead focus on building up trade ties with India. This would be a long lasting solution to the problem and the US will have a vital role to play in this, Obama would be told.

Another nagging issue for India which would be placed for discussion would be Dawood Ibrahim. For the BJP led government it is a very key issue as they had promised to bring the don back to India. There is a lot that the US would have to do in terms of convincing Paksitan on this issue and hand him over to India.

Can America go all out and please India:

The US will need to go beyond sound bytes on the topic of Pakistan. There is a lot at stake for the US when it comes to Pakistan and while it may accept some of India's concerns, many doubt if it will go all out against Pakistan.

However what the US may do as a first measure is be more stringent on overseas funding of terrorists in Pakistan. The US may assure and even go ahead and talk tough with Pakistan, but when it comes to action a lot remains to be seen.

The US policy has always been to cozy up to India but not upset Pakistan. The Pakistanis have for time immemorial wanted to be treated on par with India. The US has relied heavily on Pakistan in its war against terror post 9/11. The Pakistanis would spare no effort to remind the US of the same.

Experts point out that the reason why the US cannot act fully against Pakistan sponsored terrorism is because it is the establishment over there which supports proxies to wage a war against India. This would essentially mean that the US would have to deal with the establishment which is supporting terrorists and this appears to be a far cry for now.

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