Nun gangrape case: Intent was dacoity, rape was a 'result of resistance', says accused

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Kolkata, March 30: The investigations into the nun rape case have revealed that the intent was dacoity and rape was a result of resistance.

The CID which will continue to probe the case in the wake of the Union Government rejecting the probe says that while it has been found that the rape was not a pre-planned one, they also point out that this is not a conclusion they have drawn since there are discrepancies in the statements of the accused.  [Nun Gangrape case: Second accused arrested in Kolkata]


The CID has two key accused persons in its custody, Mohammad Salim and Gopal Sarkar. Both have been identified as the accused who were present at the spot when the incident took place.

Joint questioning

The CID has questioned the accused jointly and separately. Each one has given contradictory versions to the incident. It appears to be a deliberate ploy on their part to confuse us, an officer of the CID informed OneIndia.

The accused at first told the CID that the intention was to create an embarrassing situation. On the other hand they also said that the only intention was dacoity and when they were in the act, they were spotted by the nun who tried to stop them.

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The accused also said that the nun tried to stop them and when she resisted they ended up physically assaulting her. While it has also been found that the accused were part of an operation which was trying to force the convent to sell off a piece of land, both the accused have not yet provided any clarity.

Sheltering the accused

During the questioning Gopal Sarkar confessed to the CID that he had provided shelter to all the accused after and also before the incident. Including him there were seven of them all of whom were present at the crime scene. Each of them has been caught on camera when the incident occurred.

The police after the arrest of Sarkar took the footage to his wife who identified each of them and also told the police that all of them had in fact stayed at their house after the incident.

A massive manhunt has been launched to find the rest of the five members. The CID is also seeking the assistance of central agencies to track down the culprits and suspect that some of them have even slipped out of the country.

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