NSA level talks: Pak will provoke India to avoid uncomfortable questions

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New Delhi, Aug 17: Pakistan wants the NSA level talks to end up in a slanging match, but India wants to ensure that it does not happen. Pakistan has always had a strategy running up to any level of talks.

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They either provoke India to the hilt and ensure that the talks are called off or they try and ensure that the dialogue ends up with no concrete decision.

NSA talks: Pak likely to provoke India

Ever since the Prime Ministers of India and Paksitan met at Ufa and decided that there is a need to hold meaningful dialogue, Pakistan has not once but at least ten times tried and provoked India.

A violation along the Line of Control on a daily basis, the scores of infiltrations and then the Gurdaspur and Udhampur attacks.

One often wonders why is there is so much provocation from Pakistan especially now that they have decided to hold talks. Pakistan's National Security Advisor, Sartaj Aziz confirmed that he would be meeting his Indian counterpart, Ajit Doval on August 23.

Talks are on but let us derail it:
India has treaded very carefully and wants to ensure that unlike in the past the talks are not called off.

Former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, C D Sahay tells OneIndia that Pakistan would do everything it can to ensure that the talks are called off. They never call off the talks, but would provoke to such an extent that India takes the decision not to talk.

After the two Prime Ministers decided to hold talks which would start with the NSA level dialogue, Pakistan has ensured that it has done everything in the book in a bid to provoke India.

However India decided that come what may there is no point in calling off the talks and ensured that the same was always on schedule.
In the past 48 hours there has been unwarranted firing from Paksitan along the border.

The shelling has become heavier and has taken the toll on civilians as well. This is yet another strategy by Pakistan leading up to the talks. They want India to be as confrontational as possible during the talks.

When there is a slanging match during such talks it never yields any results and ends abruptly thus ensuring that Pakistan does not have to resolve any issue that it is uncomfortable with.

India will not provoke during the talks:
Sources say that the talks will go on as per schedule and India will do everything to ensure that the dialogue is a meaningful one. There are certain issues that need to be resolved and we shall talk about it and try find a way to ensure that there is a solution.

We will ensure that it does not become a slanging match as we want Pakistan to address our concerns and not ensure that the talks end abruptly and they get away without providing the solution, the official also informed.

The purpose of the talks should not be to hurl allegations against each other. It needs to be result-oriented. If one needs a solution there needs to be a great deal of restraint shown and only this would pave the way for a possible solution.

After so long the two countries have decided to talk and we want to make it result oriented and not merely trade charges and then call it a day, the official also said.

On the cards:
India will speak with Pakistan on a range of issues which include the 26/11 trial, violations along the Line of Control, the Kashmir issue and also the infiltrations. Each of these issues can have a solution and it is our duty to convince them, the Indian official also said.

Pakistan will have to do much more to ensure that its "non-state actors," are controlled. They should be brought to book and unwanted provocation does not solve any problem, India would state at the talks.

The issue of Kashmir separatists and the support they get from Pakistan would also be discussed at the NSA level talks. However the Indian official also informed that the decision to have a meaningful dialogue should not be viewed as a sign of weakness. India will talk tough and ensure that there is a solution to the problem.

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