No political party is bigger or above than Punjab for me: Navjot Singh Sidhu

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New Delhi/Amritsar, July 25: Cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu on Monday, July 25 revealed the reason why he resigned as the Rajya Sabha MP.

52-year-old Sidhu, who had quit as the Rajya Sabha MP on July 18, told media that he was told to stay away from Punjab. [BJP leader Navjot Singh Sidhu resigns from Rajya Sabha]


"Even a bird comes back to its nest. How can Navjot Sidhu leave his home and his people? How can I not think of Punjab", he said, while adding that "no political party is bigger or above than Punjab for me."

"If this had happeened for the first time, I could have still tolerated, but this is the third or fourth time, this has happened", he added.

In his signature style of expressing himself, Sidhu said, "When Modi wave came, it drowned opponents, but Sidhu also got drowned in it."

"I was told to fight election from Kurukshetra, then West Delhi. I said no, I won't betray my people", Sidhu said.

"If ever I have to choose one among my family, party and Punjab, then 100 times I will choose Punjab", he asserted.

He further said, "Where Punjab will benefit, you will find me standing there. I only want to serve Punjab & Amritsar."

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During his interaction with the media-persons, Sidhu did not mention that he has quit BJP, joined AAP or wished to be Punjab CM candidate.

Soon after resigning from the Upper House, Sidhu had said, "In the war of right or wrong, you can't afford to be neutral rather than being self-centred. Punjab's interest is paramount."

Sidhu hit out at the BJP, saying the party despite nominating him to the Rajya Sabha had closed his doors in Punjab.

"I had accepted the Rajya Sabha nomination for welfare of Punjab. With closure of every window leading to Punjab, the purpose stands defeated, now a mere burden. I prefer not to carry it," he had said.

On April 22 this year, Sidhu was nominated by Modi government to the Rajya Sabha and on April 28, he took an oath as the Upper House MP.

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