Meat ban: Ayodhya sets example by lifting ban on Eid

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Ayodhya: While meat ban came into force in various parts of India, but surprisingly, Ayodhya has set an example by lifting the ban for Eid.

As per a TOI report, "There is total ban on slaughter and sale of meat throughout the year in the temple town. But this curb is unofficially lifted during three days of Eid.

Meat ban: Ayodhya sets example by lifting ban on Eid.
Muslims perform qurbani as well as distribute meat. No sadhu or mahant has ever raised any objection."

Barring three days of Eid, even cooked meat cannot be served publicly as per an Ayodhya Municipal Board (AMB) order.

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AMB corporator was quoted as saying in the daily, "We have been observing qurbani in Ayodhya for as far as I remember. Muslim families do it on Eid without any fear."

"We have been living here since ages. We never face objections regarding qurbani from any Hindu religious leaders. Instead, they greet us," another person was quoted as saying in the daily.

Two petitionswere also filed before the Bombay High Court seeking an exemption from the ban on slaughter and sale of the meat of bulls/male calves from September 25 to 28 on the occasion of Eid festival.
The division bench headed by Justice Abhay Oka clubbed the two petitions with other PILs challenging the controversial beef ban in Maharashtra.

In Mumbai, the sale of meat has been prohibited during the Jain festival of Paryurshan.

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