NO Jallikattu ordinance, say government sources

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The Union government has decided that it will not come up with an ordinance allowing Jallikattu to be conducted during Pongal this year. Several political parties from Tamil Nadu have been urging the Centre to come up with an ordinance to overcome the ban imposed on Jallikattu by the Supreme Court.

Highly-placed sources say that there is no chance of an ordinance being passed at this stage. The matter is sub-judice since the SC is seized off the matter. After the SC had imposed a ban on the sport, the Centre had come up a notification allowing the sport.


However this notification was challenged in the SC following which a stay was issued. The Centre argued before the court that Jallikattu be allowed since it is a sport and an age old tradition. The court however lambasted the Centre and asked if child marriage also be allowed since it is an age old tradition. Orders on this petition challenging the centre's notification are reserved.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday the SC was approached by some parties from TN requesting the court to pass the order before Saturday. The court made it clear that it would not be possible an order at this moment since it is at a draft stage and would need more consideration.

Another batch of lawyers approached the SC asking about the status of the order. The SC however came down on them very heavily and said that the court owed none an explanation. The lawyers drew the SC's ire and were told that they had come here with a design of gaining media attention.

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