No intention of killing, just wanted laptop, bag: Esther killer

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Esther Anuhya
Mumbai, March 5: Chandrabhan Sanap, the murderer of Esther Anuhya did not have any intentions of killing her. He confessed that he just wanted to loot her laptop and bag. But for her promptness in protecting her belongings, she lost her life.

Chandrabhan explained that he had intended to flee with her belongings after reaching his bike. Anticipating that he wanted to flee ith her belongings, Esther hopped bejind him. And that added fuel to the fire. Chandrabhan confessed," I was aroused by the physical contact with Esther on the bike when I decided to try and rape her."

Revealing the entire report, a Crime Branch officer said,"After reaching his bike, Sanap was pretending to convince her. Suddenly, he took her bag, placed it on his bike's petrol tank and started the engine."

It was diffucult to trace Sanap, especially when he spotted a long beard and a moustache. When he was arrested as a suspect, he was asked to shave both his beard and moustache, he said that he had pledged to God that he would grow a beard for 11 years.

Not wanting to interfere with religious sentiments, he was let go. Later, the Mumbai Crime branch picked him up, laced with his telephone call records, and matched his face with the CCTV footage.

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