Nirbhaya's 2nd death anniversary: Mother demands radical change in society, strong juvenile laws

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New Delhi, Dec 29: Nation on Monday observed the second death anniversary of the December 16 gangrape victim, Nirbhaya. The mother of the 22-year-old Nirbhaya, who succumbed to injuries after brutal sexual assault on a moving bus, has demanded a social change along with a stringent implementation of juvenile laws.

Nirbhaya remembered on 2nd death anniv
"If our society changes, 50% of crimes will stop. Strict laws need to be in place for crimes against women," Nirbahaya's mother told news agency ANI.

"Our society is in a need of strong change. In majority of cases, it is some relative, friend or somebody known. The crimes against women will not stop till the time the mindset in society is changed. The law also needs to be implemented more strictly in such cases," she added.

The parents of the braveheart, who succumbed to her injuries on Dec 29, 2012, are perplexed on their demand for capital punishment to the rapists. They even demanded the same treatment to the juvenile, involved in their daughter's rape.

Earlier this month while talking to OneIndia News, Nirbhaya's parents recalled what they went through when they saw their brave girl sunk into numbness.

Even as they gulp down their sorrows, they also rued about the unchanged social set-up and the way women are continued to be seen even after the uprising in December 2012. And in that process, they help us find an answer to questions that we have been trying to look for all these years.

"What happened to Nirbhaya was wrong and should not happen to any woman anywhere in the world. However, people are awakened now and are forcing the government to think in a different way. Rules have been announced, but the complicated Indian administration delays implementation. So, things failed to change. My daughter hasn't yet received justice and I hate this system for that," said Nirbhaya's mother.

Holding the system solely responsible for the death of his daughter her father said, "It is the system that is solely responsible for my daughter's fate. It is been 2 years since the rape of my daughter and the culprits are still enjoying free meals in jail. It is because of the loopholes in the system that the culprits have still not been hanged to death. The announcement has been made, but there are no results yet. For some reason, people have stopped being scared of the law and that is the reason why there is an increase in rape cases."

When asked on how will these incidents stop her mother said, "These would continue to happen unless and until people are scared of the law. When people would start realising that if they assault a women, they would be punished, they would start behaving. Moreover, the punishment should be so strong that people should shudder before trying to rape a woman. Currently, sexual predators know that whatever they do, nothing will happen to them."

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