Nirbhaya documentary row: BBC 'deliberately' removed West's rape statistics from film?

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New Delhi, Mar 19: In a fresh twist to the ongoing Nirbhaya documentary row, the director of the controversial film Leslee Udwin has now made a sensational revelation that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) deliberately chucked out the world statistics on 'rape' from the film.

BBC removed West's rape data from film?

As per a report published in The Telegraph, a graph in the film, premiered on International Women's Day in the West, that showed a higher figure of rape in the West as compared to India was removed. This further cements the claim from some people that the British broadcasters tried to portray India as world's rape capital.

The original version in the video, made on gruesome gangrape over 23-year-old student in Delhi, included evidence that in several Western countries the incidence of rape is actually much greater, said The Telegraph report.

The BBC even gave a headline to the documentary that the India has "a rape every 22 minutes" but made no mention of the fact that there are 85,000 rapes every year, or one every six minutes, in England and Wales. While in the United States of America, a rape occurs every 6.2 minutes.

Investigations revealed that initially when the documentary 'India's Daughter' was sold, it was marketed as Delhi- the rape capital of the world.

A documentary which was not meant to be commercialised is alleged to have raised funds by giving a sensational title. More discrepancies cropped up while investigating the Nirbhaya documentary shot by Leslee Udwin, reports said.

There was a huge outrage over the documentary which showed a death row convict justify the rape and murder which led the Home Ministry to ban the documentary.

Reports also claimed that BBC, "rotten" by a prominent British politician, has a record of trying to cover up sexual attacks by its own employees, including canceling a TV programme on a BBC star personality who was a serial child rapist.

The British Broadcaster canceled the investigative report exposing its popular presenter Jimmy Savile's predatory sexual attacks on scores of children that was scheduled to have been broadcast in December 2011 in the Newsnight programme.

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