Nirbhaya may rest in peace; Death sentence for all 4

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Nirbhaya may rest in peace; Death sentence for all 4
New Delhi, Sept 13: The nation's wait for justice has finally come to an end. And with that, there comes a hope for change in the jurisdiction, a society and the mentality of its people. Nirbhaya may finally rest in peace! In a crisp 5 minutes sentencing, the Delhi court has ordered death sentence to all the four convicts.

2:32 pm: Accusing of political conspiracy, the defence counsel says that he would move the case to High Court. In a rather irresponsible statement, the defence counsel, further says that he would not move the HC if there are no rape cases in the next 2-3 months time. (Read more: Nirbhaya case: Defence counsel blames political pressure now!)

2:30 pm: The Delhi court has given death sentence to all the 4 convicts.

1:25 am: Nirbhaya's parents are positive about the court's judgement and believe that the judiciary would stand by them like the people and the government. However, her father says that if the court fails to give justice to their daughter, they would move the High Court. (Read more: Why don't people first control their daughters?: Defence lawyer)

1:30 pm: The four convicts have been brought to court for the sentencing.

12:51 pm: As time approaches, media and public gather around the court, awaiting for the verdict.

11:32 am: Convict Vinay Sharma's mother pleaded mercy for her son, saying that he was just 19 at the time of crime. 'Even God gives one a second chance. The judge should give them a second chance to reform themselves.', she said. The lawyer of Vinay Sharma also banked on the same point, while arguing his case.

11:30am: The rape was brutal and one of the rarest of rare cases in the Indian judiciary. It could also be considered unnatural as the act of raping Nirbhaya and meting internal injuries to her were pre-planned. Nirbhaya and the male friend, accompanying her, were thrown out of the running bus and attempts were made to run it over them. Nirbhaya's clothes were torn apart and used for wiping the blood and the organs off the floor.

11:24 am: The Saket Court  found the four convicts guilty on all 13 criminal counts earlier on Wednesday. The court based its judgement on the forensic and the circumstantial reports. The forensic reports included investigation of the blood sample, the semen sample and the dental structure of the convicts. (Read More:(Pics) Nirbhaya case: Judicial terms you should know)

The prosecution has demanded capital punishment for the convicts, while the defence depends heavily on the mercy of the judge. Recalling the last few days of Nirbhaya, her mother says that she wanted these men to be burnt alive. Public on the other hand wants the judiciary to hand these men to them for the punishment.

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