NIMHANS firing: Undertrials anger issues were never addressed

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Bengaluru, Aug 17: It was a close shave at the NIMHANS yesterday when an under-trial fired indiscriminately before he was neutralized. He had a violent streak in him says a police officer and it was because of this he was in prison.

The under-trial identified as Vishwanath (22) was arrested after complaints of violent behaviour had been reported. It was alleged that in a fit of rage he had burnt a bike outside his home in Bengaluru which led to his arrest.

NIMHAN: Undertrials anger a big issue

There are various aspects that are being probed which include why he was not given proper medical attention and secondly negligence by the police who left the weapons in the open.

In need of medical help:
An officer said that it was clear from his behaviour that it was a fit of rage that led him into carrying out such an act of madness. He had anger issues and ought to have been treated correctly for the same. He used to have bouts of anger, but appeared to look normal many times.

He was mentally unstable and could be very unpredictable at times, the police have also learnt. At the time of the incident he was in such a fit of rage that he was not ready to listen to anybody. His brother even tried calling him, but he refused to listen and continued to fire indiscriminately.

Negligence under probe:

There are a couple of aspects in this case which have led the police officials to probe an angle of negligence. The room in which the weapons of the police force were kept was not guarded.

A room filled with loaded guns ought to have been guarded.

Secondly the police were well aware of his mental condition. He told them he wanted to use the toilet and quite readily the police let him go on his own.

He managed to gain access to the room where the weapons were kept and what followed was complete madness.
However the presence of mind of one police officer who locked the room is to be appreciated.

The moment Vishwanath entered into the room with the loaded gun, the police man locked the room thus crippling his movements. Had he been outside, the tragedy would have been unthinkable. Since he was locked up inside the room, there was no casualty.

Vishwanath was finally neutralized by the Commando Force which is called Garuda. His body will be handed over to his family after postmortem. He hails from a very poor family, police officials say and his mother works as a domestic help.

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