Net Neutrality: IIT, IISc professors join fight to save the internet

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New Delhi, April 23: When the whole nation have come up with their dissent against TRAI's move seeking compromise in net neutrality, a group of senior faculty members of top educational institutions have also come forward by supporting the cause of net neutrality.

A group comprising of 50 faculty members in their joint statement have countered the arguments of Trai.


They also substantiated their counter arguments by citing various examples supporting the need for upholding the net neutrality. [Know all about #NetNeutrality in India & Save The Internet: Explained]

The group members include Bhaskaran Raman, professor, Department of CSE, IIT Bombay, Jayant Haritsa, professor, Department of CSA, IISc Bangalore, and Amitabha Bagchi, associate professor, Department of CS&E, IIT Delhi.

Meanwhile, most of the points underlined in the statement bats for net neutrality by focusing four technical aspects of digital networks. [Net Neutrality: Trai says 'shrill voices' won't win debate]

The group had also slammed the argument of Trai to violate net neutrality for solving the network congestion.

It also states that the congestion in network can be addressed effectively by checking the quantity of data.

According to the statement quoted by TOI says, " Network neutrality does not mean there is no service differentiation. It means that the choice for better service is made by the end customer, not by the network. For instance, if a remote clinic wants a certain network capacity to a city hospital's telemedicine portal, it chooses to buy that extra capacity by paying the network operator."

"On the other hand, if net neutrality is violated, and the network operator made the choice, the clinic could end up with the same network capacity, not to the required hospital website, but to an e-commerce website of no use to the intended telemedicine."

The statement also termed the consultation paper of Trai as misleading.

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