Nepal Earthquake: How to deal with aftershocks

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New Delhi, April 26: The National Disaster Management Authority has urged the people not to spread rumours about the Nepal earthquake.

The authority, which has dispatched 7 teams to Nepal, says that people should not panic or spread rumours.


Members of the authority say that the earthquake yesterday was severe, but also added that the aftershocks were expected.

The aftershocks were bound to occur but people should not spread rumours about more earthquakes, a member informed.

What to look out for in aftershocks?

The aftershocks are secondary shockwaves. They normally cause additional damage but are not as strong as the main earthquake.

During aftershocks fire is the most common problem. Fire has to be extinguished and prevented from spreading.

It is also advised to listen in to battery operated radios. Radios provide vital information about the situation and a radio operated battery comes in handy in the absence of power.

Caution should be taken while venturing out in the open. Moreover, it is advised to stay away from buildings as the main quake would have compromised the structure and the aftershocks could bring them down.

Persons in affected places must check for gas leaks, inflammable material‎ on the ground and also damage to electrical systems.

Fire is always the biggest hazard during an aftershock.

Worst in several decades:

Several experts state that the earthquake to hit Nepal yesterday could be equated to 700 Hiroshima bombs.‎

The National Geophysical Research Institute which tracks seismic movements globally states that the earthquake was a result of the collision of the India tectonic plate with the Eurasian tectonic plate.

Aftershocks are expected:

While stressing the need to stay calm and not spread rumours that could cause panic NDM‎A says that aftershocks can be expected after every major earthquake.

The aftershocks could last two days or could go up to a month too.‎ The aftershocks normally do not cause major damage.

Only those structures which were weakened in the major earthquake may be compromised.

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