NCERT books to undergo major changes as NDA govt corrects 'errors'

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New Delhi, June 24: NCERT history books are erroneous, claim the NDA government. Hence, Historians from the Indian Council of Historical Research and elsewhere have been put to work to check the textbooks from classes 8 to 12 in a review meeting by NCERT recently.

Some of the recommendations made by the government, however made sense, negating the fact that it was probably after the textbooks published under the UPA banner.


The present government has suggested that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's role in history be included and the picture of a Frenchman smoking a cigar be omitted from Page 44 of the class 10 book. Class 9 book, meanwhie promoted Cricket more rather than the important revolutions in the world. Even that has been instructed to be changed.

Cricket to be replaced by important revolutions

RSS, however has a different take on the changes. Happy about the revisions, it said that Marxists and other secular historians had written histories that denied Hindu pride in their past.

Critics have an idea of their own who say that the Hindutva agenda is to communalise the history and seek cultural pride through exaggeration.

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