NC, PDP tie up a theoretical possibility

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Srinagar, Dec 27: The formation of a government in Jammu and Kashmir is something that is being closely watched by the entire nation. At the moment looking at the statements that are being made by both the PDP and the NC, it appears as though both the parties are trying to outsmart each other.

G V L Narasimha Rao, the national spokesperson of the BJP tells OneIndia that the only guiding line for the BJP is what the National President had to say. He had said that we want to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir and are open to talks with everyone.

NC, PDP tie up a theoretic possibility

BJP would want to be part at any cost:

Rao says that the BJP would certainly want to be in the government and also have its own chief minister. As Ram Madhav pointed out that the talks are in the right direction and hence we need to wait and watch what will be the outcome.

The BJP would obviously want a good deal and it is important that we have our chief minister even if it is on a term sharing basis.

Outsmarting each other:

Everyone today in Jammu and Kashmir are trying to make the best deal out of the situation. It is an open playing field and as this uncertainty continues each one would want to have their say in the formation of the government.

However now with the Governor inviting the PDP to form the government it would give a clear picture of what is in store. A lot would depend on what the PDP has to say to the governor.

NC and PDP game:

At the moment it appears as though the NC and the PDP are trying to outsmart each other. Both want to be in the government at any cost and hence this one up-manship is what we get to witness.

The NC's offer to the PDP appears to be a ploy. It is basically a way of telling the BJP not to tie up with the PDP. It is almost certain that it would be impossible to form a government without the BJP.

Can NC and PDP tie up?

It looks like a distant possibility for me. If this tie up happens then it would be the biggest betrayal for the voter of Jammu and Kashmir. The NC and the PDP tying up seems to me as a theoretic possibility since both these parties want to grow at the cost of the other.

In Bihar we did see two arch rivals tying up. However this was only because they lost so heavily to the BJP in the Parliamentary elections. I do not see this happening in Jammu and Kashmir.

Moreover one must also read into the tweet by Omar Abdullah. He had said that they had not offered formal support to the PDP. This again is a ploy to tell the BJP to join him.

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