Naxals remote controlled the IEDs as security forces approached them

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Patna, July 22: Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) controlled by remote controls went off as the security forces walked into the area in a bid to hunt down naxalites at Aurangabad earlier this week. However, as many as nine CRPF personnel were killed in the encounter with naxalites.

The manner in which the naxalites had countered the operation was only an indication that they were trying to guard their top leader Sandeep Yadav against who the CRPF had launched this offensive. Yadav is a key player and is a member of the Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist).

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Naxal attack:IEDs were remote controlled

Guarding their top leadership

Officials say that the CRPF launched the operation in a bid to hunt down the top leadership. Along with Yadav there were three others who play a key part in the operations, sources also added.

The entire set up was planted by the naxalites to ensure that their top leadership remained safe, an officer also informed.

During a recovery operation, AK-47 riles and the Insas rifles were found. These are indicators that the naxals were readying for a bloody fight. The security forces were also taken aback when they found that a number of IEDs had been strewn along the terrain.

However, the forces took the biggest hit from the IEDs that were planted on the trees as well.

The IEDs were controlled by a remote and set off as the security forces were under the trees. Many were also planted on the ground and systematically triggered off when the security forces began approaching the camp.

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