Naxals in South- IB dossier paints a scary picture

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Bengaluru, Dec 22: There has been yet another attack by the Naxals in Kerala and this time it is at the Attapaddi village in Palakkad district. With posters calling for an armed revolution, the naxal menace in Kerala, which will affect the whole of South India appears to be back.

On December 10th OneIndia had reported that the naxals are trying to raise their ugly head in Kerala. It was also reported that Chinese arms are helping the naxal movement and proof of the same was found after the Vellamunda incident.

Todays suspected naxal attack is yet another grim reminder of this moment gaining momentum in Kerala and how it is spreading its tentacles to the whole of South India.


Increasing base:

An Intelligence Bureau dossier on the rise of the rise of the naxal movement in South India which is with OneIndia states that the Communist Party of India-Maoist is expanding its base in the Western Ghats and the focus is specifically on Kerala.

The report further states this movement which is re-emerging in Kerala attempts to gradually spread its tentacles to the rest of South India. Further it is also stated that the naxal movement is gaining in strength at Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur in Kerala and Mysore, Kodagu, Udupi, Chikmagalur and Shimoga in Karnataka.


In Kerala it has been found that the movement is gradually gaining momentum. They are carrying out smaller attacks with an intent of announcing themselves rather than large scale destruction. They have sophisticated arms which are sent by the Chinese smuggler into Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka.

Further the report also states that the naxals in Kerala are relying heavily on the unions at the rubber and tea plantations. They want more manpower and local support and by carrying out these small attacks they propose to grab the attention of possible supporters and sympathizers. The report states that across South India there are around 124 small time groups which support the naxal ideology and these could prove to be dangerous if not curbed.

Andhra and Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu has become the favourite landing spot for arms. The IB report states that the naxals are in touch with some LTTE sympathizers who are in turn helping the naxals. A recent training camp at the Dandakaranya forest in Andhra Pradesh with the help of the LTTE sympathizers had also come under the radar of the Intelligence Bureau. The idea is to conduct training camps and also interlink the movement between the Southern states.


Karanataka has had its fair share of the naxal problem and like Andhra Pradesh had managed to beat down the problem. However what the officers in Karnataka need to watch out for is that the movement is gaining momentum in the neighbouring states and this could well end up becoming a problem for Karnataka.

In Karnataka there is a great influx of labour from various parts of the country working in both the Coffee plantation sector and also the construction business. The naxals are tapping these labour and feeding them with ideas and telling them to protest and demand better pay packages.

There have been instances of naxal sympathizers getting in touch with these labour and telling them that their cause would be taken up. A Karantaka state intelligence bureau official said that the problem is under check for now. However we need to raise our alertness levels and ensure that the movement does not return to the state once again.

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