Guj assembly: Modi formally resigns as Guj CM

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Modi resigns as Guj CM
Gandhinagar, May 21: The former Gujarat Chief Minister-Narendra Modi is to give up his post to his successor-most likely the longest woman MLA and a cabinet minister-Anandi Ben Patel today before swearing in for the post of Prime Minister.

3:20 pm: Narendra Modi formally submits his resignation to the Governor from the post of chief minister; 12 years stint come to an end.

12:50 pm: Vaghela said "you are not the leader of Gujarat anymore, but that of the entire country"

12:40 pm: No matter how much the world praises you, when you are praised among your own people, the feeling is something else. I have not spoken much in Gujarat Sadan. People have told me that nation gets benefit but we don't. But here, I just want to listen. I thank everybody present here. And all the Gujaratis for providing me this opportunity of serving you all.

12:35 pm: Thanking everyone for their contribution, Narendra Modi breaks down yet again and apologises if his behaviour hurt anyone in four years.

12:30 pm: We are process-specific and not person-specific. Have heard all MLAs.

12:25 pm: If there are problems, there are solutions too; if there are hurdles, there are ways to overcome them and I trust the youth of this country. True, this country has a lot of problems. But, I have ensured that even the opposition's problems or queries are answered.

Everyone curious about the Guj model. Do not make CAG  political weapon. I tool charge at a very delicate point in 2002.

Now, we can have Gujrati 'dhokla' in the Parliament and can also speak in Gujrati.

12:20 pm: I want to try and make institutions independent. This will lead to proper decision-making and development:

12:15 pm: Have learnt a lot from the Gujarat Assembly; the state was ridden with scams; each and every person contributed to its development. Have full faith in my colleagues and I know Gujarat will move faster hereon.

12:05 pm:  Narendra Modi stands up to thank his cabinet in Gujarat. He said,"I have learnt a lot from the Assembly".

11:50 am: 

"In 1984 there were 2 seats now there are 282,credit for this goes to Narendra Bhai, ppl voted with expectations", he said.

11:35 am: Anandi Ben, likely to be the first woman chief minister, speaks. She says how Modi completed his tenure with dignity, honesty and courage; how he brought a change in education, healthcare, industries etc. In his leadership, the state achieved great feats.

"We wish that he serves the nation the same way he has served us and we would always be by his side no matter what," she said.

11:30 am: Patel said that Gujarat model has taken Gujarat to the top; His Indian feat will be as famous

11:25 am: Gujarat finance minister Nitin Patel speaking during Narendra Modi's farewell assembly session.

11:20 am: Modi to submit resignation to Governor

11:10 am: Amit Shah speaks, accolading Modi and his work across the state. He said Modi knows the problems of India, he will work hard for country's development.

11:05 am: Farewell speech given by the MLAs in the house.

11:00 am: Gujarat Assembly speaker addresses the hall in Gujarati, congratulating the new Prime Minister-Narendra Modi.

10:50 am: Narendra Modi reaches the Gujarat Assembly amid huge preparations.

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