Modi corners Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi in Aligarh

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Narendra Modi
Lucknow, April 6: After addressing a rally at Bijnor, Modi reached Aligarh and addressed people continuing his election campaign in Uttar Pradesh.

Modi, BJP's PM candidate, this time hurled direct attack on outgoing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Urging media to question aam-aadmi (common man) regarding prominent leader of Congress, Modi said, "Congress doesn't consider Manmohan Singh as their leader, then how the country can accept him as their leader."

Highlights of Modi speech at Aligarh:

  • I am not fighting this election nor is any candidate. It is you who are contesting the elections and it is you who will win.
  • Who has ruined UP. Do we want to continue with such a life? No.
  • Congress, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party -- they are not 3 but they are 1.
  • These parties want a weak government, Now we cannot have this continuing any longer. Such games must stop.
  • If youth dont get jobs then can you imagine what will happen to India's future.
  • Sonia ji said we made 15 point programme for minorities. How they mislead people this is an example.
  • Those who practice votebank politics find it correct to keep society poor.
  • Under you Madam Sonia there have been so many riots and so many of them under the eyes of Netaji.
  • Neither can they do development nor are they able to serve society. Such Govts. should be uprooted.

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Now, even CBI can't save Congress: Narendra Modi in UP

The prime ministerial candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) addressed his first election campaign rally at Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday, April 6.

During his speech, the Gujarat Chief Minister hurled a direct attack against Congress and President Sonia Gandhi. Slamming the investigative agency -- Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Modi said, "now, even the CBI can't save Congress after the Lok Sabha election." The CBI faces criticism for allegedly being used as a weapon for Congress against opponent parties and leaders.

Highlights of Modi Speech at Bijnor:

  • Condition of the nation is such that despite being in power for 10 years Congress leaders don't consider PM as their leader.
  • Farmer is working hard but shouldn't he get the right prices. It's not that farmer is asking for something for free. He worked hard.
  • We can generate tremendous buzz around the world for our handicrafts but these people need the will.
  • We want to bring a change in your lives. Poor must have a life with dignity & we are devoted to this cause.
  • UP is facing power shortage but some places keep getting uninterrupted power. Why is preferential treatment.
  • Congress has no issues in this election. They have abused Modi so much that even dictionary is not giving them anything new.
  • Make India Congress-free and free nation from their allies here also.
  • UPA is going. Now even the CBI can't save the Congress...but the issue is now, Delhi can't have a weak government.
  • Our heads are not born to wear crowns. We are here to serve the people day and night. Such is a government we want.

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