Narendra Modi's projection 'beginning of end' of BJP: Congress

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New Delhi, April 1: The Congress on Tuesday said the "beginning of the end" of BJP has started with the projection of Narendra Modi as an all powerful leader in the Lok Sabha elections.

"One dictator, autocrat, with a self-serving image (of the leader) has started the beginning of the end of BJP", party spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi told reporters here.

He said that this was not being stated by Congress leaders alone but many in BJP too. The spokesman was reacting to a question on the poll jingle brought out by BJP showing Modi as a strong and decisive leader who will not allow the country's interests to be compromised at any cost.

Singhvi described Modi as a dictator, autocrat with a self-serving image

Singhvi also rejected the BJP charge that the government is not allowing Modi to address rallies, saying that it has given full freedom to everyone to go to every nook and corner and continue with his "false propaganda". Turning to the 2002 Gujarat riots, he said, "Let him (Modi) make a statement reflecting even a skeleton of an apology, forget an apology."

He sought to take the wind out of BJP's good governance and development plank by trotting out figures showing NDA in poor light.

"These are the supreme ironies from which the BJP and Narendra Modi are running away. People can lie and distort, but facts cannot be ignored. Rhetorics, polemics, slogans, supposed oratory skills or as we are now told lack of oratory skills will not make up for facts. "Competition for good governance can be only between UPA-I and UPA-II and not between UPA and NDA. You cannot substitute facts by hurling abuses in rallies and making taunts", he said, adding that while Congress has walked the talk, BJP is trying to fool the people with slogans.


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