Narendra Modi changes NDA's description ahead of Lok Sabha election

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Shimla, Feb 16: Changing the description of NDA from National Democratic Alliance to National Development Alliance, Modi asserted that BJP wants development and not empty promises.

He also claimed that Congress cannot work for democracy as Congress is a dynastic party and such a party cannot be democratic."

Accusing Congress President Sonia Gandhi of spreading politics of hatred, Modi said, "Nation knows very well who is doing the Zeher Ki Kheti. NDA is forming the next Government and our agenda is National Development Alliance."
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Even Amitabh Bachchan questioned for relation with Modi: Gujarat CM

Accusing Congress of spreading politics of untouchability, Modi recalled the several instances when many had faced the wrath of the ruling government for sharing relation with him.

Speaking about one Kerala leader, who was sacked from CPM for praising Modi, the Gujarat CM said, One day a Kerala leader praised me, he was removed, a Minister from Kerala met me, he was taken to task. Such parties and their leaders cannot change the system."

Gujarat CM also spoke about Amitabh Bachchan who is the tourism ambassador of Gujarat. The BJP PM candidate said that even the Bollywood superstar faces questions for sharing business relations with Modi.
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How Black Money can dissolve corruption in India, explains Modi:
The Gujarat CM finally discussed how black money stashed in foreign banks can be used to dissolve corruption in the country. He claimed that the central government should bring back the black money to solve different problems faced by people of the country.

Slamming the Congress for not doing anything to get back the black money in Swiss banks, Modi said, "If Congress is not corrupt, then the party owes a reply why they are not showing interest in bringing back the black money stashed in the foreign banks. No BJP worker or leader is against bringing back the money from abroad. But Congress leaders are reluctant."
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Modi discusses solutions for different problems of India:
The BJP PM candidate emphasised that central government should think about different solutions for different regions of the country as same techniques and solutions do not work for all states.

Speaking at the Himachal rally, Modi said, "PM need to work out specific strategies for specific regions like hill States or the coastal States."

Addressing the problems, faced by the people of the state, Modi said, "Himachal Pradesh and other hill States need to have a well developed infrastructure for economic development as well as tackling the climatic and natural disasters like last year's devastating flood in Uttarakhand."
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Modi slams Congress, raises Pak-China threat issue:
Attacking Congress-led by Sonia Gandhi,  Modi said, "...if you don't have trust on the Congress, then why do you tolerate its Government."

"Congress does not care to handle aptly the threats posed by our neighbours like China and Pakistan. This Congress Government had promised to curb skyrocketing prices within 100 days of coming to power in 2009. Did they do that? No. They are not even ready to won their share of responsibility on this front. Actually the Congress's arrogance is on cloud 9," Modi added.
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Gujarat CM begins his speech amid 'Modi Modi' chant:

Gujarat CM began his much awaited speech as crowd welcomed him with "Modi Modi' chant. The BJP PM candidate was overwhelmed to see the crowd and their love for him.
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Rajnath Singh slams late Indira Gandhi in Himachal Rally:
BJP President Rajnath Singh began his speech in the Parivartan rally in Himachal Pradesh. Addressing the crowd gathered at the venue, Rajnath slammed former prime minister of the country Indira Gandhi.

Speaking about the then PM, Rajnath said, "It was then PM Indira Gandhi who showed utter lack of foresightedness by releasing the Pakistani jawans without ensuring the release of our own jawans who were in the custody of Pakistan."

Lashing out at the UPA government, Rajnath claimed that Manmohan Singh's government have been ignoring the threats being posed to India's national security. He also hold the Government responsible for weakening our armed forces by not providing them modern weapons.
2:20 PM

Will Modi follow Kejriwal's suggestion to break silence over Ambani?
With his first meeting in Himachal Pradesh, many started questioning -- whether Modi would break his silence over Mukesh Ambani and Reliance's higher gas price issue following Arvind Kejriwal's suggestion.

The AAP leader, who resigned as Delhi CM amid much drama in Delhi assembly, asked the Gujarat CM to speak about Ambani and his relation with Adani Group.
1:55 PM

Modi shares dais with Rajnath Singh: Watch Live Video
Narendra Modi along with BJP President Rajnath Singh reached the Parivartan Rally venue. Both of them are sharing dais with other top BJP leaders of the state.

Watch Video:

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Narendra Modi to reach Himachal Pradesh shortly:
BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi is expected to reach Sujanpur town of Hamirpur district in Himachal Pradesh shortly. This will be his first visit to the state ever since the announcement of Modi's PM candidature for Lok Sabha election which is due by May 2014.

Over 2 lakh people are expected to attend the mega rally. Massive security arrangement has been placed to cover the rally.

"Around 1,000 security personnel have been deployed to ensure peaceful conduct of the rally, and I am personally taking care of the security arrangements at the rally venue," said IGP, Mandi Zone, PL Thakur while briefing about the security arrangements.

Hamirpur SP, Veena Bharti, was quoted as saying, "All officials associated with the rally and media persons would be given passes and no one would be allowed to enter the venue without a valid entry pass."
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