Narendra Modi shows difference between Gujarat and Odisha

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Narendra Modi
Bhubaneswar, Feb 11: Showing the difference between BJD-ruled Odisha and BJP-ruled Chhattisgarh Modi said, "Chhattisgarh and Odisha were not very different from each other a few years ago. Because of BJP's governance, Chhattisgarh has won. It is the leadership and governance model of BJP that has helped the people of Chhattisgarh become a leading producer of rice and a power surplus State."

He also showed the progress and development of Madhya Pradesh which has been led by BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan. While ending his speech, Modi said, "Odisha has so many rivers and so much water resource. Gujarat does not have this. But it has still managed to harness Narmada."
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Twitter abuzz with Narendra Modi rally in Odisha:
Micro-blogging site Twitter has gone abuzz with Modi's rally in Odisha. #NaMoInOdisha has been trending as top hash tag on the site.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote" lang="en"><p><a href="">#NaMoInOdisha</a> I will like to live for you in the coming days. Give me 60 months and I will do what they could not do 60 years."</p>— Axomiya Jiyori (@SouleFacts) <a href="">February 11, 2014</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

2014 election is for purification of Indian politics, says Narendra Modi:
Slamming the UPA government at the centre, Modi asked people whether Congress leaders have answered the questions regarding inflation or price rise.

Speaking about upcoming general election, Modi asserted that the 2014 election should not only be considered as the making of Governments and getting into Parliament, rather it should be considered as an election of political purification in the country.

Meanwhile, slamming the Third Front, the Gujarat CM said, "11 groups get together in Delhi. 9 have been constant Congress supporters. It is time to teach a lesson to the Third Front."
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Modi analyses the reasons behind Odisha's crisis:
Odisha is suffering as young people in the state failed to get a job in the state, hence, they have been forced to travel to other states and get jobs, claimed Modi.

Continuing his speech, Modi asked, "Should we not create an Odisha that makes Biju Babu happy? Yes we have to make such as Odisha. Uttam Odisha is best tribute to him."

Modi talks about the difference between BJP and non-BJP ruled States Modi says, Look towards the western part (Gujarat) of India and then look at the eastern one (Odisha). Why is the east behind? It is the non-BJP Government that is responsible for the Odisha's state.
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Employment crisis in Odisha shocks Narendra Modi:
Raising the issue of unemployment of the state, the BJP PM candidate said, "I am surprised that even people from the CM's own district have to leave Odisha and come to Gujarat for work."

Citing a small commotion at the venue, the Gujarat CM claimed that now-a-days almost every political leaders have been addressing rallies across the country but they struggle to get gather people at their rally venues. However, for BJP, the issue is to accommodate everyone, asserted Modi.
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Narendra Modi begins his speech, promises to develop Odisha:
Unlike his speech in West Bengal, Modi did not begin his speech in Oriya. Expressing his respect and love for the language, Modi said, "I was not speaking Oriya not to insult your CM, but to show his respect to the language and reach out to the hearts of people."

Addressing the youth and other people, who gathered at the venue, Modi said, "I have come for your blessings. I am travelling all over India. I want to convert Odisha into a progressive state."
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Youth to get loans at lowest rates if Modi becomes PM, says Rajnath:
Speaking about the legend of the state, Rajnath Singh said that CM Naveen Patnaik-led BJD is not doing justice to Biju Patnaik's legacy.

Calling BJP "the kisaan-virodhi party", Rajnath asserted that tribal people of the state should vote for BJP which will empower the poor and neglected people.

Assuring people of good governance under Narendra Modi's guidance, Rajnath said youth looking to start their own business will be given loans at lowest rates if BJP comes to power post 2014 election.
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Rajnath Singh ignites mining scam row, demands CBI probe:
BJP President began speaking at the rally.He paid his tribute to those who died in the boat accident in the state on Sunday. At least 24 people died and many were missing in the boat tragedy.

After paying his condolence to the demise, Rajnath raised the issues of mining scam in Odisha. Demanding CBI investigation into the mining scams, Rajnath Singh said Odisha is rich but the people of the state are poor.

Speaking about wealth of the state, Rajnath said it is one of the leading producers of minerals in the country but Odisha is still suffering. He accused Congress and BJD of not fulfilling responsibilities towards Odisha.
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Modi, Rajnath Singh reach Odisha to address rally:
Narendra Modi along with BJP President Rajnath Singh reached Barmunda, Odisha. Both of them are sharing the dais.

It id going to be a crucial rally for BJP as it might focus on BJP-BJD relationship in coming future.The ruling party in the state -- BJD was an ally of the BJP till 2009 when it dumped the latter following communal riots in the state and ever since, it has continued as an aspirant of a Third Front force, alternative to the Congress's UPA and the BJP's NDA.

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Narendra Modi to reach Barmunda, Odisha shortly:
PM candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -- Narendra Modi is expected to reach Barmunda, Odisha shortly. He has been scheduled to address a mega rally in state on Tuesday, Feb 11.

Security has been beefed up for the Vijay Shankalp rally which is expected to see a massive turnout, as has been the case at other venues of Modi's rallies across the country.

The rally in Odisha will be the latest in the leader's campaign in the eastern part of India. On Saturday, he addressed two rallies in the northeast while on Feb 5, he attended a rally in Kolkata in West Bengal.
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