Narendra Modi questions Congress govt in Haryana

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Modi questions Congress govt in Haryana
Jhajjar (Haryana), April 7: As a part of the party's "Bharat Vijay" rallies, the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday addressed voters in Jhajjar district near Rohtak in Haryana.

While addressing the election campaign rally attended by large number of farmers, Modi slammed the Congress government in the state as well as at Center for taking the farming community for a ride and "usurping" their land and selling it off at "dirt-cheap" prices.

"If in Haryana, it is the father-son duo who are doing the business, in Delhi, it is the mother-son duo. As if it was not enough, so the son-in-law, Robert Vadra (damadjee) has also entered the scene," Modi said.

"The farmers are scared that the Government is going to take away their land and sell off their lands at dirt-cheap prices to the agents. Farmers have to sell their land at throw away prices due to deeds of your jeejaji (brother-in-law)," he said.

Modi said due to the land policies of the Haryana government, "A person without even single paisa could earn Rs 50 crore in next three months. Shehzaade (Rahul Gandhi), what are these policies through which you have given land to your jeejaji."

Mocking the Gandhi family over the land deal issue, Modi asked if there was anyone in the rally who could earn Rs 50 crore in three months without investing a single paise.

"Is anyone among you a magician who knows such a trick. This trick is known only to Shezaade's family," he said.

In a frontal attack at the Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law, Robert Vadra, Modi said, "Congress- led Haryana government helped "brother in law" to make millions in land deals.

He also accused Congress of not replying to charges of misrule during their tenure.

Later in the day, Modi is scheduled to hold rallies in Jayal and Ratkudiya in Rajasthan.

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