Election Shocker: Paresh Rawal calls Narendra Modi a dictator

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Paresh Rawal and Narendra Modi
Ahmedabad, April 28: In a shocking statement, Paresh Rawal, who is known as the Narendra Modi loyalist, called the Gujarat Chief Minister a "dictator". Rawal's statement shocked many as he seems to have backed the opinion of the opponent leaders who frequently criticise Modi as a "dictator".

However, Rawal did not waste his time while justifying his statement. The Bollywood actor, who is also the BJP candidate from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, said, "In Modi's government, there is only one centre of power, but he has to head a majority government, otherwise people will be shouting that 'he's a dictator'."

"But I say, we need a benevolent dictator-one who is well-meaning, thinks about people, their welfare, one who understands. That's the best combo," Rawal added.

We need a benevolent dictator-one who is well-meaning, thinks about people

Speaking about one strong prime minister what India needs at the moment, Rawal asserted, "A benevolent dictatorship is what India needs."

Continuing his statement about Modi, Rawal also claimed, "Things will have to be Modi's way, or he'll take the highway. If the results throw up a coalition, Modi will not head a government that'll be pulled in various directions by various leaders."

Endorsing Modi as the next prime minister of the country, Rawal said, "To make Narendra Modi our next prime minster is the most important agenda for me and people of my constituency during this election."

Rawal replaced seven time MP Harin Pathak as the BJP candidate from Ahmedabad (East). Rawal also had campaigned for Modi and other BJP candidates during the 2012 state assembly elections. Gujarat is going to polls on Wednesday, April 30.

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