NaMoNumber: My vote, for me and my country!

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Narendra Modi launches NaMo number
New Delhi, Feb 19: The India272+ Volunteering Platform  is pleased to announce the launch of NaMoNumber a Mission272+ Initiative for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections by Shri Narendra Modi earlier today in Gandhinagar.

The NaMo number is the score that keeps track of how many NaMo Supporters a Volunteer has persuaded to SMS their Voter-IDs to 78200 78200. This includes a count of the Voter ID number of the Volunteer as well as that of friends and family whom the Volunteer has convinced to pledge support Narendra Modi. 

NaMoNumber is critical for the success of Mission272+ it helps register nationally support for NaMo as our next PM. Using the NaMoNumber Volunteers can ensure that they and their friends/family members are registered to vote with a confirmation of their Voter-IDs being listed in the electoral rolls (A Voter ID must be listed in the electoral rolls to vote.)

NaMoNumber will also help Volunteers in making sure polling booth details are made known to them and family members as we get closer to the election. NaMoNumber will be the gateway for Volunteers to obtain contact information of a local karyakarta in case any assistance is needed for voting.

NaMoNumber SMS updates will keep Volunteers updated of BJP candidate  for their Constituency and related campaign updates. NaMoNumber will be the foundation for Mission272+ to Win every Booth.

NaMoNumber: My vote, for me and my country!

How do I get started with NaMo number?

You can start by SMSing your Voter ID to 78200 78200.

How do I increase my NaMo number?

Get family, friends, colleagues and neighbours in your social network to SMS their Voter ID followed by your mobile number to 78200 78200, to increase your NaMo NUMBER (Level 1). Then, ask them to get their friends to do the same (Level 2).

Mission272+ Volunteers can also give inputs for the local manifesto for the Parliamentary Constituency and provide inputs for Candidate selection (in selected constituencies) through the India272+ Volunteering Platform by participating in the NaMoNumber Initiative.

The most active Volunteers will get an opportunity to meet with Shri Narendra Modi.

India272+ today as a Platform has grown to engage Lakhs of Volunteers through its OnGround InitiativesMere SapnoKaBharat CampaignDialogues with BJP Leaders and Volunteer Leaders and Forums to provide Inputs

Today India272+ is the primary Campaign Destination for all Mission 272+ Volunteers to keep abreast of the latest on the Campaign and to contribute to the Campaign through both Online and On-ground activities.

With the launch of NaMoNumber, Mission272+ is now a step closer to reality with a laser sharp focus on winning every vote in every booth.

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