Narendra Modi is a terrific orator and these quotes prove just that

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In his victory speech at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again proved that he is a magician when it comes to words. While the mood was already ecstatic with the big win that the BJP saw in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Modi's speech elicited more cheer from the crowd.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

His statements on 'New India', 'vision 2022', 'the poor and middle class' of the county struck a cord with those gathered. He may have addressed a gathering of BJP supporters but his message was for the entire country. We take a look at Prime Minister's top 10 quotes from Sunday's victory speech.The massive voting that led to this massive victory has got political pundits thinking.

  • Today's India doesn't want to just take but also wants to contribute. I see a new India.
  • Emotional issues create a wave and affect polls. Parties have always won on a wave created by emotional issues and not on the agenda of development nut we have done that.
  • I see the strength in India's poor. They do not want your welfare doles, they want opportunities. They seek venues to better themselves and do not want to remain beneficiaries alone.
  • The middle class is the most burdened in this country. The day India's poor can bear their burden, the middle class will be relieved.
  • We are new. We may make mistakes but our intentions are never wrong.
  • The government is formed when majority of people accept us but a government can run only if everyone accepts us. "Sarkar bahumat se banta hai lekin sahamat se chalta hai"
  • Our government is for those who voted for us but also for those who did not. Our government is for those who walk with us but also for those who oppose us.
  • People ask me why I work as much as I do, it is an honour indeed to hear that.
  • Elections do not matter to me. Our target should be 2022, 75th year of India's independence. I ask everyone to pledge to work for India, to make it a new India.

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