Poor, but honest: Narendra Modi hails integrity of drivers and vegetable vendors

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New Delhi, Nov 12: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been immensely impressed by the stories of honest auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers, who take great pain to return the valuables left behind by forgetful customers in their vehicles.

In his address to the nation on black money, corruption and counterfeit currency recently, Modi specifically mentioned about the honest deeds of these common people, whom we often ignore.

Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister, while emphasizing on the need to weed out corruption, said the evil of corruption has been spread by certain sections of society for their selfish interest.

"They have ignored the poor and cornered benefits. Some people have misused their office for personal gain. On the other hand, honest people have fought against this evil. Crores of common men and women have lived lives of integrity," Modi added.

Modi highlighted the good deeds of "invisible" citizens of the country.

"We hear about poor auto-rickshaw drivers returning gold ornaments left in the vehicles to their rightful owners. We hear about taxi drivers who take pains to locate the owners of cell phones left behind. We hear of vegetable vendors who return excess money given by customers," Modi said.

"There comes a time in the history of a country's development when a need is felt for a strong and decisive step. For years, this country has felt that corruption, black money and terrorism are festering sores, holding us back in the race towards development," the PM added.

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