Leaders belong to the country and not any party: Narendra Modi

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Modi to lay foundation stone soon
Bharuch, Oct 31: Narendra Modi and LK Advani have reached the venue of the foundation laying ceremony of the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel statue in Kevadia.

12:27 pm: Modi concludes the speech by the slogans of "Sardar Patel amar rahe!" (Long live Sardar Patel)

12:22 pm: Modi accuses PM for delaying the Sardar Patel project.

"I don't want any credit. I will not even come for the opening. Don't even give my party's name in this project. All I ask is to give permission for this project to get completed so my farmers and their cattles get water to drink. There should be no politics in such kind of work," says Modi.

12:13 pm: "This statue will be at par with the international monuments like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel tower and more. It will have a virutal world inside which will display the stories of thousands of villages of this country. People will visit this place from across the world." says Modi.

12:10 pm: Modi stresses on the development of agriculture and farmers. Says farmers most important and their needs should be fulfilled.

12:05 pm: "Caste, creed, communalism and riots have ruined the image of our mother India. We have to choose the way of unity to bring that back," said Modi. It is our aim that India's coming generation should know the history and work that our great leaders have done for our country."

12:00 pm: Modi said "I met PM few days back and I really loved something that he said. He said Sardar Patel was a true secular person. Our country needs a Sardar Patel secularism and not vote-bank secularism."

11: 55 am: Modi said, "Every country like China, Japan did something spectacular and the whole world looked at them. The need of the hour is that we bring our country in front of the world by proving something. It is a very big dreams and we have to work towards achieving it."

He also said India is still burdened with slavery. "We are still burdened with slavery, we will have to struggle and stand strong against the rest of the world. We are still following British traditions," he said. "We need to position India globally," Modi added.

11: 50 am: Tribals protest outside the venue. Narendra Modi assures them that Narmada water will reach them. "My tribal brothers have a right over Naramada water. I promise them they will get the water. We will complete the irrigation work in this area very soon," he said.

11: 45 am: Narendra Modi says many people inspired him to launch this project, says "History is being created on the banks of Narmada". "This is the same river where Sardar Patel dreamt a dam and now several people's thirst is being quenched because of this dam."

11: 40 am: Narendra Modi takes over the stage. Greets everyone.

11:35 am: Advani thanks Modi for inviting him to the occasion. "I am thankful that Narendra Modi invited me to this occasion and asked me to say a few words."

11:25 am: Speaking about Sardar Patel's greatness, Advani said, "If Sardar Patel was not in the leadership of India during those days, India would have been divided into two parts but many parts."

11:15 am: LK Advani said, "The independence struggle was not just under Gandhiji, Sardar Patel and other Congress leaders but many other freedom fighters. Chandrashekhar and Bhagat Singh were also a part of the freedom struggle. Everyone was honest and devoted towards the freedom struggle, only their ways were different."

11:00 am: Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and BJP senior leader LK Advani reach venue in Bharuch, Gujarat, to lay the foundation stone of grand "Statue of Unity" in Kevadia.

Modi is set to lay the foundation stone of the statue at 12.49 pm.

LK Advani speaks at the venue about the greatness of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and how India got freedom with the help of this "Iron man".

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